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Killyless Stores is please to hear of plans to ease planning rules for farmers in Northern Ireland. Many of our customers at Killyless Stores will be relieved to hear that the planning process for agricultural building is being discussed and changed.


The Northern Ireland Executive website reports;

The new rights, known as permitted development rights, will come in to operation in August 2013. They will increase the range of agricultural development that no longer needs planning permission.

Farmers will now be able to undertake new build or extend agricultural buildings including sheds for hay and straw, storage and maintenance of agricultural machinery and plant, milking parlours, slurry storage tanks and chicken and other livestock sheds without having to go through the planning application process.

This means farmers can construct buildings up to 500 square metres without the need for a planning application (the equivalent of over 5,000 square feet). Currently they can only erect up to 300 square metres without the need for a planning application.

Read the full report here.

Agriculture – Northern Ireland