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Killyless Stores sell Dunlop Wellington Boots. Farm work often means long hours in cold, wet, dirty and slippery environments, be it at the milking, out in the fields or in the greenhouse. The risk of slipping, falling or becoming injured by heavy materials or an animal’s hoof is very real and requires reliable footwear.

Dunlop believe three things are needed for farmers boots;

Agrarisch sectorpagina1. Comfort
2. Durability
3. Safety and protection

Dunlop has a wide assortment of protective boots for farm work. All boots are optimised to meet the the needs and requirements of agrarian sector work.
For those who wear boots every day, all day, the perfect boot is simply a requirement! Whether you work on or around a farm, with livestock or crops, you want to come home at the end of the day with dry, warm and healthy feet… which can go to work the next day without any problems. In short, comfort is very important. (via

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