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Killyless Stores, outside Ballymena, can help you with your summer gardening jobs. Whether you need a garden hose, fertiliser or gardening gloves Killyless Stores can help.


Here are the tasks which the BBC Gardening website suggest you should be giving your attention to this summer.

Early Summer

  • Begin to feed, water and deadhead bedding plants
  • Feed and deadhead roses after the first flush of flowers
  • Sow seeds of perennial plants, winter bedding and biennials outdoors
  • Make first trim of yew and leafy hedges, such as beech
  • Ensure any winter planted trees and shrubs are not suffering from dry periods, give them a good soak if necessary
  • Deadheading

Mid Summer

  • If you have a pool, keep it aerated and the water level topped up
  • Plant autumn-flowering bulbs, such as colchicums and sternbergias
  • In dry weather, raise the mower blades slightly as longer grass stays greener
  • Keep on top of the weeding, feeding, deadheading and watering
  • Mowing

Late Summer

  • Feed and water rhododendrons if the weather is dry
  • Sow hardy annual seeds in pots for autumn planting
  • Deadhead and stake perennials to keep them flowering and looking neat
  • Take semi-ripe cuttings of shrubs

For equipment and advice on how to tend your blooms and keep your garden thriving this summer call in with us here at Killyless Stores, Ballymena.

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