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Ballymena Livestock Market will host a Trailer Marking event organised by Rural NPT on Tuesday 23rd September 2014. Killyless Stores has written lots about rural agri crime on farms and this is a great opportunity to get your trailer security marked.

Peter Mooney

Photo Credit: Peter Mooney; Creative Commons

The PSNI will also be in attendance to offer crime prevention advice. Call the Ulster Farmers Union on 02825 652773 to book a slot.

Here is some more advice about protecting you machinery and tools on your farm.

  • Secure vehicles and equipment when not in use and remove keys from cars, tractors and other vehicles that are unattended. Never leave keys in the ignition or in close proximity to a vehicle.
  • Avoid leaving machinery in secluded areas or fields. Noticeably mark all of your machinery with your postcode and house/farm name. This not only acts as deterrent to thieves, but also helps return stolen property if it is then recovered.
  • Write an inventory of tools, together with serial numbers, a photo and any identifying marks.
  • Always keep tools locked away when they are not in use. As well as being taken away, they could be used to gain access to secured premises.
  • Never leave ladders lying around near to your house or buildings because they only make it easier for thieves to gain access.
  • Fit alarms and security lights that can alert you to an intruder to outbuildings that contain equipment.
  • If you have a lot of equipment parked on site, install a basic CCTV system with warning signs to deter thieves.

Again it is important to ensure that you report any suspicious activity to the Police and share any information or concerns with your local farming community. We at Killyless Stores know that rural agri crime is a big problem on our farms. Click here to visit our online shop which has information about FarmCam system to keep you farm safe and secure.