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A Killyless Stores we write blogs regularly to keep farmers and locals up to date with our products, farming and gardening news. Here are a few of our favourite blog posts which you might like to revisit.


Photo Credit: Rosewoman; Creative Commons

  • These award winning gardens gave us some inspiration and ideas to try out at home – They didn’t quite turn out the same but every little helps.
  • If you have children on your farm then click here and show the Farm Safe videos to your family. Start a discussion about staying safe around the farm and you may well have helped to prepare your little one for any dangerous situations.
  • We talked about some of our favourite farming related television shows here.
  • And we would love you to take a look at our online store.

Killyless Stores have been happy to serve the farming and local community for almost 20 years and we are glad to continue offering great service and prices to our customers both online and off.