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Killyless Stores, and agricultural business located in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, were interested to read new findings which confirm that farmers can reduce costs by using forage.

A report from says:

All dairy farms, irrespective of yield have the potential to reduce costs by increasing milk from forage and in doing so help protect themselves from increasing milk price volatility. Analysis of over 50 herds benchmarked by Shropshire based P&L Agri-Consulting between March 2013 and 2014, showed for every extra 1,400litres produced per forage hectare, farms saw an average decrease in cost of production (COP) of 1ppl.
Such potential savings will be crucial for many farmers facing reduced returns for their milk with this data set showing an average COP of 30.01ppl.

P&L Agri-Consulting’s Sarah Hardman says the data clearly showed that most farms could address COP by paying closer attention to milk produced per forage hectare.
“There was no correlation between yield and COP with some herds producing over 9,000litres/cow/year with COP in the top 25% and some herds under 5,500litres/cow/year in the bottom 25%,” she says.
“However, there was a very strong correlation between yield from forage per hectare and COP (see graph in attachment) with both high and low yielding herds able to reduce costs by making better use of forage.”

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This data shows that most farmers have the potential to decrease their costs by focusing on increasing pasture utilisation, simplifying their system and reducing labour, power and machinery costs. Using forage could be something which is simple and cost effective. If you are in the Ballymena area call in with Killyless Stores for all your agricultural needs.