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Killyless Stores stock Eprizero® 5mg/ml Pour-On Solution for Beef and Dairy Cattle for farmers in Ballymena and throughout Northern Ireland.


This products tackles many issues facing farmers such as parasites, illness and lower yield.  Norbrook call it the Gold Standard Dairy Wormer and here is what they say about it:

With farms facing rising costs of feed & other inputs, and increased threat of parasite infestations, treating cattle with Eprizero® Pour On Solution will improve performance and maximise profitability:

  • 3 increased milk yield by more than 2 Litres per cow per day*
  • 3 improved body condition and weight gain*
  • 3 improved fertility rates*
  • 3 improved meat withhold of just 10 days

If you need a product which provides protection for your dairy herd from the effects of Worms & External Parasites then call in with us at Killyless Stores near Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and ask about Eprizero® Pour-On Solution for Beef and Dairy Cattle.