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Killyless Stores in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, sell products to combat parasitic infections in dairy cattle. Parasites such as gutworm, roundworm and lungworm all can caused reduced performance in dairy herds. At the moment milk prices are volatile and farmers cannot afford to lose out in any way. Keeping your dairy herd healthy is of the upmost importance and that is why we at Killyless Stores are careful to find the right products for you and your farm.

Here at Killyless Stores we stock Eprizero® 5mg/ml Pour-On Solution for Beef and Dairy Cattle. The solution uses eprinomectin which is a semi-synthetic compound of the avermectin family, intended for the treatment of internal and external parasites in cattle and in lactating cows. This product from Norbrook has been tested and here are some of their findings:

Milk Production & Quality Numerous studies have shown that strategic anthelmintic treatment can result in a positive milk yield response estimated at 0.35kg-0.63kg/cow per day for the duration of lactation5,6, or a predicted estimate of 307kg more than untreated controls over a 305 day lactation7 . Other studies have shown that treating with eprinomectin can increase milk yield by more than 2 Litres per cow per day8 . The quality of the milk produced from treated animals is also superior, with consistently higher milk fat, protein and overall milk solids9,10. 

Killyless Stores want our customers to get their hands on the right products which will mean that their dairy herd is performing to the best of their ability. For any agricultural needs or for more information about Eprizero® 5mg/ml Pour-On Solution for Beef and Dairy Cattle get in touch with us here at Killyless Stores in Cullybackey near Ballymena, Northern Ireland.