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Northern Ireland website NI Direct has shared some information about mixing slurry. Farm Safety is high on out list of priorities here at Killyless Stores in Ballymena so we wanted to share this information.

Farmers are being urged to be responsible for their own and their families’ safety when mixing slurry. It’s vital to follow recommended safety advice and stay out of the mixing building for at least half an hour. Just one breath of slurry gas can cause serious injury or even death. 

Some farmers needlessly put their lives at risk and underestimate the dangers of slurry gas. It is a mixture of gases, including the extremely poisonous hydrogen sulphide. In high concentrations, it cannot be detected through smell. It causes difficulty in breathing, affects the nervous system and can be fatal.

When mixing slurry farmers should:

  • keep children away from the area at all times
  • if possible, mix on a windy day
  • open all doors and windows
  • take all animals out of the building
  • use outside mixing points first
  • if slats are removed, cover exposed areas of the tank beside the pump/ mixer to stop anything falling in
  • after starting the pump/ mixer, get out and stay out of the building for as long as possible – at least 30 minutes
  • any time you have to go into the building, try to make sure that another adult knows what you’re doing and can get help if necessary
  • if you have to re-enter to move the pump or change the direction of the pump, leave the building as soon as this is done – do not go back in for as long as possible (at least another 30 minutes)
  • never rely on filter type facemasks
  • never use hydrogen sulphide gas monitors as a substitute for safe working practices
  • never allow naked flames near slurry, as the gas mixture is flammable
  • never stand close to the exhaust of a vacuum tanker when it is being filled

We know that lots of farmers do all they can to stay safe on the farm and if you know a farming family then help us at Killyless Stores to spread the word about this advice for how to stay safe when mixing slurry.

Killyless Stores have been happy to serve the farming and local community for almost 20 years and we are glad to continue offering great service and prices to our customers both online and off.