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Farming Weekly has some great advice for farmers who are storing fertiliser for use on their farm. Making sure that your soil is balances and contains all the right nutrients for your crop is a vital part of modern farming. When Fertiliser is stored up for a period of time it makes you vulnerable to several factors. Here is a summary offered at the Farmers Academy at Farmers Weekly;

yourfileIf you suspect any loss or find a discrepancy on your stock inventory it is vital to report it to the police. Fertiliser can be used for acts of terrorism and if you suspect that you have less than you shoudl then the police will need to be told.


If you are in the middle of spreading fertiliser try to make sure that the bas are never left unattended or out of sight and avoid leaving them in the field in which you are working over night. By the morning they may well have been lifted.


Once you have treated all your land with fertiliser often farmers have stocks of fertiliser left over. It is an offence to sell unwanted fertiliser on without a valid copy of the Detonation Resistance Test Certificate. Don’t place advertisements in the paper.


If you would like to read the full article and advice at Farmers Weekly then please click here.

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