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Visqueen Clingseal is available at Killyless Stores in Cullybackey, Ballymena. Farmers can call in to pick up their Visqueen Clingseal  from the conveniently located store where we have plenty of parking space and helpful staff. Visqueen Clingseal is a silage sheet which offers the farmer many benefits. Here is some information on this great product;


Designed for use with a conventional, high quality silage sheet such as Visqueen Agrisheet, Visqueen Clingseal is a new, flexible clamp film that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheeting. It is applied to the silage clamp before the application of the uppermost silage sheeting and any weights.

Being thinner and therefore more flexible than standard silage sheets it ‘clings’ closely to the contours of the clamp surface and ‘tucks-in’ more at the sides. As such it helps eliminate air pockets and provides a close fitting air barrier to significantly reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage. It also provides an additional oxygen barrier.

If you would like to more about Visqueen Clingseal, or any other farming products which stock here at Killyless Stores then give us a call or drop in with us for a chat. We are located at 126 Lisnahunshin Road in Cullybackey, Ballymena.