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Tractor Safety – Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland farm safety is a big priority. The sad news that a young boy was killed recently in Cumbria by a tractor on the road high lights how important it is to know that your drivers are competent and legal.

Tractor Safety - Northern Ireland

Here are Killyless Stores we wrote about legal ages for tractor drivers.

Over the past few years we have shared lots of advice about safety on your farm including the following topics:

And if you have kids around your farm be sure to click here to watch Farm Safety videos tailored for children.

Car Batteries cause lead poisoning to calves

Farming Independent recently reported about a farm who unfortunately lost calves because of lead poisoning. The O’Hanlon family lost calves because of lead which had leaked out of broken car batteries. The batteries are believed to have been dumped there. Dumping on farmland is a massive problem as it causes problems for farmers but in this case 20 calves sadly died before the batteries were found and removed.

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart; Creative Commons

NI Direct gives the following advice for the disposal of car batteries:


All shops that sell large amounts of household batteries must provide a collection bin for used batteries. You may also be able to put old batteries in your regular household recycling bins or take them to a waste and recycling centre.

Car batteries should also be taken to a waste and recycling centre. Some shops that sell car batteries also accept old batteries for recycling. Check when you buy a new car battery to see if the shop will recycle your old battery for you. (Source)

The O’Hanlon family thanked neighbours and farmers for helping them search the fields. Click here to read the full story from the Farming Independent.

Horse Rugs Washed at Killyless Stores in Ballymena

Killyless Stores in Ballymena offer a horse rug cleaning service. Horse rugs are a necessary part of your equestrian kit and they can be expensive so it is good to take care of them. Killyless Stores offer a rug washing service from £5.00 per rug. Here is an example of our rug washing.

Horse Rugs Washed at Killyless Stores in Ballymena

Horse Rugs Washed at Killyless Stores in Ballymena

Cooler rugs     £5.00

Stable Rugs    £10.00

Outdoor rugs   £10.00

Bulk deals available

For more information on Horse feed, rug washing or any of our products contact Trevor at Killyless Stores on 028 25880233.

Features of Visqueen Clingseal

Killyless Stores in Cullybackey, Ballymena sell Visqueen Clingseal which is advertised at “the toughest Silage sheet available”. Visqueen Clingseal has lots of features which make it a great choice for your farm.

Features of Visqueen Clingseal

  • New generation clamp sheet to complement conventional silage sheeting:
  • Thinner and more flexible – clings to the surface of the clamp
  • Reduces air pockets to enhance the effectiveness of conventional sheeting
  • A more effective air seal aids quicker fermentation of silage
  • Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp – greater returns on the forage harvest
  • A better air seal makes for better silage quality – better silage means better returns on live-weight gain and milk yield
  • Suitable for a variety of crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain
  • Ideal for moist crops with a greater potential for spoilage




(Photo Source)

So how have the manufacturers made this product stronger?

Visqueen Agrisheet is manufactured using the finest raw materials and this, along with decades of technical expertise, makes Visqueen Agrisheet a far stronger sheet. When sheeting down the clamp, cheaper silage sheets are often damaged in the process. The high strength and impact features of Visqueen Agrisheet help prevent this happening due to the improved tear resistance. Even if it is punctured, the superior tear strength of Visqueen Agrisheet helps prevent splitting any further along the rip. Being a significantly stronger product makes Visqueen Agrisheet easier to use and longer lasting thereby saving money.

If you are interested in finding out more about Visqueen Clingseal then call in with us at Killyless Stores in Cullybackey outside Ballymena and we will give you all the information and help that you need.

Visqueen Clingseal – Ballymena

Visqueen Clingseal is available at Killyless Stores in Cullybackey, Ballymena. Farmers can call in to pick up their Visqueen Clingseal  from the conveniently located store where we have plenty of parking space and helpful staff. Visqueen Clingseal is a silage sheet which offers the farmer many benefits. Here is some information on this great product;


Designed for use with a conventional, high quality silage sheet such as Visqueen Agrisheet, Visqueen Clingseal is a new, flexible clamp film that is used directly beneath traditional, heavier silage sheeting. It is applied to the silage clamp before the application of the uppermost silage sheeting and any weights.

Being thinner and therefore more flexible than standard silage sheets it ‘clings’ closely to the contours of the clamp surface and ‘tucks-in’ more at the sides. As such it helps eliminate air pockets and provides a close fitting air barrier to significantly reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage. It also provides an additional oxygen barrier.

If you would like to more about Visqueen Clingseal, or any other farming products which stock here at Killyless Stores then give us a call or drop in with us for a chat. We are located at 126 Lisnahunshin Road in Cullybackey, Ballymena.