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farmCam – buy online at Killyless Stores

Killyless Store in Ballymena Northern Ireland are offering farmers the opportunity to but the farmCam system online. The farmCam system offers an interference free camera system for your farm Safe and efficient farm management. See how the farmCam works below.

Easy to set up and simple to use the farmCam system offers a solution to farm security and management. Keep an eye on up to 4 areas at once. That means your yard, calving pens, entrance and home could be monitored all at once. The farmCam system has great potential to be useful in any modern farmyard.

Click here to view the farmCam system at the Killyless Stores online shop. Please don;t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the farmCam system. Call us here at Killyless Stores on 02825880233.

farmCam – Killyless Stores – Northern Ireland

CowCam – Camera Surveillance Solution – The Directory Page shop

Killyless Stores are offering cowCam, a Camera Surveillance Solution which monitors your cattle at The Directory Page Shop.


cowCam Camera Monitoring System

Wireless monitoring system allowing you to
keep an eye on your livestock without being
in the barn with them.
£410* Price includes VAT


Click here to read more about the cowCam system.


To purchase the cowCam system from the Directory Page shop click here.  Killyless Stores are also offering Liveryman Elite Horse Clippers and Express Gas Dehorner at the Directory Page Shop.

Click here to see full details of products offered online by Killyless Stores.

cowCam – Killyless Stores – Northern Ireland

Farmcam Farm Surveillance System

Farmcam Farm Surveillance System Killyless Stores

Interference free camera system for your farm Safe and efficient farm management! 

Wireless Camera Monitoring System all in one box. The farmCam-solution offers you everything you need for an overview of up to 4 areas. Complete package for easy monitoring of barn and calving, or for general farm supervision.







Special offer including 3 extra cameras £950.00 + VAT

System now available in Killyless Stores Cullybackey Ballymena N Ireland Tel 02825880233

cowCAM from Killyless Stores

Killyless Stores sell cowCAM. cowCAM is a wireless monitoring system which allows you to keep an eye on your livestockwithout being in the barn with them. With cowCam you get better control of, for example, automatic milking and calving which leads to increased profit.

Here is how CowCAM works;

  1. The camera monitors your cattle, the signal is transmitted through the cable to the A300-antenna outside the barn.
  2. The signal is sent from barn to home via the A300-antennas.
  3. The videoLink receives the signal through the A300-antenna and retransmits it in your home for better picture quality.
  4. In your home, you can monitor your cattle comfortably, either wirelessly on the portable LCD monitor, or through a computer or TV connected to the videoLink.
  5. Use your computer and cowCam Online to see your cattle wherever you are through the internet.

For more information about cowCAM and to purchase cowCAM all in one box visit Killyless Stores at 126 Lisnahunshin Road, Cullybackey or call 028 25880233.

Keep up to date with the latest offers and news from Killyless Stores through their Facebook Page.

cowCAM – Killyless Stores – Ballymena