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Clothing and Footwear at Killyless Stores

At any time of the year in Northern Ireland you can expect any kind of weather on the farm. It’s good to be prepared for every eventuality so we like to make sure you can get every kind of clothing and footwear at Killyless Stores that you might need.

For those cold and wet days we have shirts, body-warmers and coats in various sizes for when you need a few layers to stay warm and dry.

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In wet weather and in muddy fields and lanes, you’ll want to make sure your feet are dry and warm. As well as making sure you get all your clothing needs we also offer a wide range of socks and footwear at Killyless Stores. We also stock hats and gloves to suit all seasons and conditions.

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And when regular boots won’t give you the protection your feet need, Killyless Stores can supply you with the best protection for all conditions. Bekina® agriculture boots have thermal-insulation, provide superior grip and are easy to clean.

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Killyless Stores have all your clothing and footwear requirements for all seasons on the farm. Call in with us at the shop or get in touch to make sure you stay dry and warm this winter.

Animal Feed from Killyless Stores

Killyless Stores in Ballymena can provide you will animal feed for your farm animals. Based in Cullybackey, outside Ballymena, Killyless Stores have a massive range of choice for farmers. At Killyless Stores we have been serving farmers and the public from our family run store. We have a wide variety of products including specialist feeds for pigeons and pheasants.

Photo Credit: S. Rae

Photo Credit: S. Rae : Creative Commons

We can provide feed for:

  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Equestrian
  • Poultry
  • Pheasant
  • Pigeon
  • Pet Food

We even sell Mineral Buckets and any equipment which you may need. Call in with us at Killyless Stores on the Lisnahunshin Road in Cullybackey if you need any animal feed.

Features of Visqueen Clingseal

Killyless Stores in Cullybackey, Ballymena sell Visqueen Clingseal which is advertised at “the toughest Silage sheet available”. Visqueen Clingseal has lots of features which make it a great choice for your farm.

Features of Visqueen Clingseal

  • New generation clamp sheet to complement conventional silage sheeting:
  • Thinner and more flexible – clings to the surface of the clamp
  • Reduces air pockets to enhance the effectiveness of conventional sheeting
  • A more effective air seal aids quicker fermentation of silage
  • Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp – greater returns on the forage harvest
  • A better air seal makes for better silage quality – better silage means better returns on live-weight gain and milk yield
  • Suitable for a variety of crops including grass, maize, whole crop silage and crimped grain
  • Ideal for moist crops with a greater potential for spoilage




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So how have the manufacturers made this product stronger?

Visqueen Agrisheet is manufactured using the finest raw materials and this, along with decades of technical expertise, makes Visqueen Agrisheet a far stronger sheet. When sheeting down the clamp, cheaper silage sheets are often damaged in the process. The high strength and impact features of Visqueen Agrisheet help prevent this happening due to the improved tear resistance. Even if it is punctured, the superior tear strength of Visqueen Agrisheet helps prevent splitting any further along the rip. Being a significantly stronger product makes Visqueen Agrisheet easier to use and longer lasting thereby saving money.

If you are interested in finding out more about Visqueen Clingseal then call in with us at Killyless Stores in Cullybackey outside Ballymena and we will give you all the information and help that you need.

Bekina Wellington Boots from Killyless Stores

Killyless Stores sell Bekina Wellington Boots from their store in Cullybackey. Killyless Stores have a range of sizes in Bekina Welly Boots and know that this great brand will be perfect for farmers, gardeners and everyone in between.

Bekina Wellington Boots from Killyless Stores

Bekina Wellington Boots offer quality, comfort and safety all in one boot.

Here is some information from their website.

Quality – Bekina® develops and manufactures top quality PU work boots: durable, feather-light, thermal-insulating boots with unbelievable comfort for your feet.

All of our PU boots are specially developed and produced according to your needs and the conditions in which you’ll be wearing them. Moreover, they are fully compliant with the increasingly strict international safety standards for hygiene and mechanical slip resistance (SRC).

Comfort – All of our PU boots are made from flexible and high-quality polyurethane and offer thermal insulation. These hard-wearing work boots are slip resistant, waterproof and much lighter than classic rubber wellingtons or PVC boots.

Safety – All of our PU boots are specially developed and produced according to your needs and the conditions in which you’ll be wearing them. They are fully compliant with the increasingly strict international safety standards for hygiene and mechanical slip resistance (SRC).
So if you need a wellington boot that will keep your feet protection while being comfortable at the same time then choose the Bekina Wellington Boots from Killyless Stores.

Tools from Killyless Stores

Whether you need tools on the farm or in your garden Killyless Stores has a huge range of items which will be useful for you. For shovels, spades, forks and rakes come to Killyless Stores. These items are always needed on the farm – take a look at yours and think about whether it is time to replace or upgrade your old tools.

Tools from Killyless Stores

Tools from Killyless Stores

If you are a keen gardener then there are lots of tasks which need to be taken on during the summer months. In the summer the good weather causes lawns and grass to grow quickly meaning that you need more regular maintenance of your garden. Summertime can also be a dry period in which plants and the lawn may need extra care. Here is some advice from the BBC Gardening website which can help you keep you garden looking lovely over the summer period.


Lawn care -Lawns are fairly drought resistant compared with other plants, but they can become yellowy-brown, limp and eventually bald if the following precautions are not taken:

  • cut the lawn less frequently than usual
  • raise the height of lawnmower blades
  • use a sprinkler on the lawn in the evening. Water lawns thoroughly to saturate the top 10cm to 15cm (4in to 6in) of soil. Check there is no hose pipe ban in the area. Avoid walking on the lawn if possible
  • scarify the lawn in autumn. A build-up of thatch in the summer could prevent water from penetrating the lawn
  • aerate soil with a fork to help water penetrate the roots of the grass
  • follow our step-by-step guide to autumn lawn care

Greenhouse problems – Greenhouses are useful for protecting tender plants and providing extra heat. However, the glass magnifies the sun’s rays, which makes plants vulnerable to being scorched by the sun. It also means that soil dries out much quicker than if the plants were outside.Flexible net shades can be used with varying degrees of success to protect plants from the direct glare of sunlight. Alternatively, glass shade paint can be applied to windows. Open windows, use ventilation or even leave the door open during the day. Remember to close them at night if a frost or cold night is forecast.

Watering – Using the right amount of water is the most important aspect of a plant’s survival in dry conditions. Bear in mind that it is not just hot weather that can cause soil to dry out, windy weather can also have a detrimental effect.

  • In dry conditions, water container plants at least once a day. Water in the evening to reduce evaporation.
  • However, if a plant looks like it is wilting and suffering from drought in the day, then water it immediately.
  • Try to avoid watering plant leaves in direct sunlight because they can become scorched, particularly when they have hairy foliage.
  • Install a water butt in the garden to conserve water.
  • If you have an automatic watering system with a timer, adjust it to take hot and dry weather into account.
  • Move container plants into the shade if you are going away on holiday and no one is watering your plants.

If you need gardening products to keep you garden in good shape this summer than call in at Killyless Stores. We also offer fertiliser, sprays and all kind or gardening and farm tools.