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Killyless Stores sell the Express Pistol Grip Dehorner which can be used to dehorn cattle. Cattle dehorning is necessary. It significantly decreases the risk of injury to farm workers, horses, dogs and other cattle. Dehorned animals are far easier to handle and transport, and command higher prices at auction than animals with horns.


Express Pistol Grip Dehorner


The Express Pistol Grip Dehorner has plenty of safety and handling features built for fast and efficient dehorning.  The “One Finger Trigger”  design provides for easy ignition and shutdown for safe operations.

The Express Pistol Grip Dehorner features a gas fuel cartridge which screws into the handle eliminating cords and bulky tanks.  The Dehorner ignites quickly even in cold weather, reaches working temperature in about 70 seconds and will operate for approximately 2 hours at up to 1100°F.

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Express Pistol Grip Dehorner – Killyless Stores