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G Lime Available 

Everything starts from the soil. Soils formed under high rainfall conditions are more acidic than soils   formed under dry conditions. Rainfall leeches basic nutrients including calcium and magnesium from the soil. The best way to determine liming needs is to test your soil for pH. When selecting a liming material check its degree of fineness and Total Neutralising Value (TNV). Where the soil pH falls outside the desired range it can be adjusted using G-Lime. G-Lime is the ideal way to Control pH because it reacts quickly in the soil. G-Lime has 95% TNV (CaC03).





Corrects and maintains pH

• Improves grass yield

• Enhances palatability of the sward

• Optimises performance of fertiliser

• Is fast acting

• Optimises clover performance

• Easily spread on growing crops

• Available in 50kg/500kg/600kg/bulk

• Easily applied with your own fertiliser spreader

For  further details telephone 028 25880233